Blue Disposable Cleaning Cloth


Pricing Per Case | Unit Price is $0.19
  • Item #TCWAB300
  • Cloth Size: 19” x 18”
  • Non-woven & Non-stick
  • Disposable or multi-use (4-7 times)
  • 300 towels per case
  • Tax & Freight Not Included
  • Barcode: 757438958419

This disposable cleaning cloth is multipurpose and even multi-use. It’s the perfect non-stick, non-woven wiping rag that can be used on any surface or to prevent you from touching certain surfaces. This blue cloth has wide applications: from cleaning your hands, countertops, shoes, floors, windows, etc. Keeping yourself and your place clean is paramount these days. Use this rag as an additional tool and defense to combat germs, bacteria, and viruses. You can use it as disposable rags or reuse for 4 to 7 times.

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